Friday, October 14, 2011

Malaysian Cocoa & Chocolate Day 2011

These are the pictures we managed to capture during MCCD2011 in MidValley on 7-9th October 2011. Although this was the first time we participated in such event, we did have so much fun.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Gifts/Hantaran Chocolates

Here are some samples of the chocolates we did for wedding gifts. Prices are subject to the design and the number and type of chocolates used.

Blue themed hantaran with 16 pcs of milk and white chocolate in a handmade chocolate box. The box is made of edible milk chocolate.Chocolate box is stenciled with blue luster dust.
Price : RM 75.00

16 pcs of assorted chocolate in 16 cavity gold window box. Box is wrapped with ribbon. The assorted chocolate can be one or more of the following choices of fillings/flavors: Whole Almond, Whole Hazelnut, Fruit & Nut, Oreo Bits in White Chocolate, Coconut, Durian, Orange.
Price : RM 25.00

16 pcs of Almond Chocolates  in gold box. 8 wrapped in gold paper and 8 in black cup casings.
Price: RM 28.00


21 pcs of Almond Chocolates in Bali hand carved wooden tray. 10 pcs wrapped in gold paper and 11 pcs in black cup casings. 
Price :
RM 40.00

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pilihan hamper Aidilfitri 2011

Berbagai pilihan hamper untuk Aildilfitri kali ini. Kalau selalunya orang hantar kuih raya, tahun ni kita hantar hamper coklat pula.

Sila maklum bahawa kami boleh customize hamper anda mengikut bajet. Nak kecik, besar semua ada. Dan yang pastinya semua coklat2 kami memang sedap dan berbaloi-baloi.... Insyallah sesiapa yang dapat tu memang bertuah lah pendek kata. Kerana ada diantara coklat-coklat yang kami hasilkan untuk hamper ni adalah unik. Ada potato chips celup coklat, berbagai jenis biskut dan fillings yang di celup coklat,  dan bagi kami yang paling best sekali, caramel celup coklat...

So, hubungi kami sekarang untuk sebarang tempahan atau pertanyaan.

3 types of chocolates wrapped in netting. Free Gift Tag. 

3 Types of Chocolates wrapped in netting and embellished with flowers and ribbons. Free gift tag.

3 types  of chocolates in clear window box. Free Gift Tag.

Handmade Chocolate Collection Gift Basket.
Contents :
1. Milk Almond Crunch
2. Oreo Dipped Chocolate
3. Banana Cookie dipped in Chocolate
4. Marshmallow coated in chocolate
5. Selection of pralines.
6. Handmade Caramel Popcorn With Peanuts
coated in chocolate.
7. Potato Chips dipped in chocolate.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Promosi Ramadhan & Aidilfitri 2011

Berikut adalah flyers untuk promosi coklat handmade kami bagi Ramadhan dan Aidilfitri. Jangan lupa nak order yer... rugi kalau tak order hehehehe.... untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh hubungi saya, Ain seperti no hp yang diberikan.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Production for Raya Chocolates have started!!!

Its 2 weeks before Ramadan and we have started our production early this year to cater for pre-ramadhan  orders. Anyways, while we're busy packing our chocolates, we let u take a peek into our packaging for the goodies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 Aidilfitri Chocolates are here!

Dear customers,

      It is time again that our chocolate collections for Ramadan and Aidilfitri are coming back!! For more details on this year's chocolates collections, please visit our Raya Chocolates page. As always, all our products are hand made using fresh and halal ingredients.  This year, we offer 13 wonderful varieties of chocolates for you to choose.

Apart from that, we are also in the midst of compiling our Raya Hampers collection. So, for those who are interested, stay tune for more updates from us.

Best Regards,  
Shweets Chocolates & Confectionaries

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


    Flower shaped lollichocs                 Lollichocs
    in assorted colors
    RM 1.50 each

Sunday, June 12, 2011