How To Order

How to Place Order

1) Choose the product you want to order and do take note of the product code. 

2) Then, please provide us with the following info when placing an order. If  ordering more than 1 product, make sure that you list down clearly the product that you have ordered together with the quantities.

Personal Particulars
Full Name:
Email Address :
Contact Number :
Shipping Address

Product Info
Product Code:
Product Name:
Quantity :

Payment Info :
Bank Name :
Bank Account/No:

3) Email your order to us at

4) We will reply an order confirmation email together with the amount due to you, the banking details as well as provide you with an order tracking number. Please take note of this order number for easy tracking purposes.

5) Please kindly bank in the amount due into the bank account as detailed out in the order confirmation email that we have sent.

6) If making payment thru Maybank2u, please put in our email, as the recipient's email address. Otherwise, please alert us thru email that payment have been made.

7) We will process your order and update you once your order has been shipped.

Since chocolate is a highly perishable item, we will need to ship your product using proper packaging.

Please make sure that you provide your shipping address correctly when placing the orders. For shipping of heat sensitive products such as chocolates, we  will ship your orders with proper packaging.